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> Do you really want the answers to Lua newbie questions to be decided by
> majority vote of people who don't really know Lua?

Yes, want to. This is the major Wikipedia Philosophy, in total the
"good energies" out there outweigh the bad. Seems to be working pretty
well so far.

However, providing mock-up questions and answers might not be a good
idea. Why not just wait for them to appear to be actually asked by
newbies? Especially I dislike the so called "FAQ's" people make for
their projects with questions that were never actually asked, not to
speak of frequently, I've seem people coming up with "FAQ" on brand
new projects :-/. What we, "those who care", should do is to subscribe
to the 'lua' tag on stackoverflow and answer what comes.

About the "wjy no continue?"

The repeat/until thing is also in the standard FAQ, but it is wrong.
I  realize the will to see sense in what otherwise seems to be an
arbitrary decission.
But the repteat/until thing would be easy to fix anyway. The answer is
really instead, "Have not yet decided how to, waiting for idea":
See here: