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On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 16:22, joao lobato <> wrote:
> Now, I'll be the first to recognize that my latest message in this
> list was kind of flamebait material, but honestly, I can't understand
> the need to change the language.
> Lua has its scope and I believe that Roberto and Luiz have made it
> clear that it's not about replacing Python/Ruby; frankly, that seems
> to be the aim of all this suggestions.

Sure, actually, I hesitated a lot before posting this, but I though it
wouldn't hurt.

The aim is not to replace anything, just to make what is usually
considered a best practice (using locals as much as possible) easier
to do thanks to the default syntax.

However, I don't have any strong feeling about this. I think I'll end
up writing my own thing based on the Lua VM, and won't bother the list
with these suggestions.

If it annoyed you (and others), I apologize.

-- Pierre-Yves