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> As I was reading more about compiling, I saw the "-static" option, so
> decided to give it a try when compiling the Lua interpreter:

It shouldn't make a difference.

> lvm.c:(.text+0x956): undefined reference to `_pow'
> lvm.c:(.text+0x970): undefined reference to `_floor'
> loadlib.c:(.text+0xb1e): undefined reference to `_dlclose'

Add -lm -ldl to the link line.
> Could it be that the libraries that were used with Lua aren't
> available on the appliance, and would explain the error I'm getting
> when trying to load a Lua module?

No. Since dummy and bisect.lua work fine, both -lm and -ldl are there.

I'm out of suggestions except for linking all your Lua modules statically
(by adding them to linit.c), but it seems that doing that for luasocket
is not for the faint of heart. I don't know about luasql.