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On 21/01/11 19:06, Mike Pall wrote:
> As a prerequisite for the ARM port (see the next section), dual-number
> capability will be added to the LuaJIT VM, the LuaJIT interpreter and
> the JIT compiler.

This is excellent news, and much kudos to Qualcomm for sponsoring it! As
well as being really useful elsewhere --- this will make LuaJIT vastly
more usable on low-end devices.

On two unrelated notes:

- can someone point me at instructions on how to get LuaJIT to tell me
what machine code it's producing for a given function? jit.util.* is
undocumented. (I want to figure out which Lua idioms generate specific
instruction sequences; I'm curious about the possibility of using
LuaJIT/FFI to replace some custom machine code generation code we've got.)

- while searching for information on this I found a cheery thread on the
Digital Mars forum titled 'Why is D slower than LuaJIT?':
which people might find interesting.

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