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On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 07:26, Tang Daogang <> wrote:
> For habits only.

> My programmers generally comes  from c, c++, java, js communities, they feel
> hard to be used to use lua's '~=', which looks very strange to them, and to
> us.

You have to adapt to the language you use, not adapt the language for
yourself. The ease of changing the language should not mislead you.

> Also, the '--' is the same strange to us. Maybe we will be used to it one
> day. But we like to modify lua now, :-)

You will get an incompatible dialect then and stuck with it forever.
And will not be able to reuse third party code or share yours.

> PS: We are web programmers, need to switch frequently in js, c, java, and
> lua.

Really bad idea to change syntax then. Lua is not JS, C or Java.
Semantics is significantly different.

You should not code in Lua as you would code in JS or C or Java or any
other language. When you code in Lua — do it in Lua.

When you have different syntax, it helps programmers brain to switch
between contexts, and think in Lua, not in terms of some other