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On Wednesday 19 January 2011 01:53:20 Sean Conner wrote:
>   Now, if you want to see how a project will embed Lua and don't mind a
> rather sizable example (but it's still single C file), you can check out:
>   It's a non-trivial example of embedding Lua in a C application.  If you
>  do want to look at it, most of the Lua stuff is in the functions main(),
>  process_msg(), load_script(), syslogintr_alarm(),
>  syslogintr_ud__toprint(), syslogintr_host(), syslogintr_lsock(),
>  syslogintr_relay(),
> call_optional_luaf() and add_lua_path().  Think of this as a demo of
> embedding Lua, and extending Lua, in a Unix daemon (in this case, syslog).
>   It is extensively commented and it may be a bit more than you want to
>  look through for a simple example, but it is self-contained (and a decent
>  example of a Unix daemon as well).

Thanks Sean,

I'll work on that as soon as the entirety of Drake's simple example is 
entirely clear to me. I'm looking forward to it.


Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package