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Robert G. Jakabosky, Phoenix Sol, and I worked together to create a
binding to Ryan Dahl's http-parser (from node.js project).

Documentation (in README file):

Try It Out

  luarocks install lua-http-parser

Fork me on github:

Thanks to Phoenix Sol for providing the original inspiration and
Robert G. Jakabosky for making the performance and memory overhead
much better!

Note that version 1.0 is not backwards compatible with earlier
versions of the library.  Earlier versions had separate
on_header_field and on_header_value events, the new version only has
an on_header(field, value) event.  For more information about this
backwards incompatible change, please see:

If anyone is using the old API, I can always provide an emulator for
backwards compatibility.  Just let me know.


Brian Maher >> Glory to God <<