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Am 18.01.11 13:16, schrieb Drake Wilson:
> Quoth Marc Balmer <>, on 2011-01-18 13:06:47 +0100:
>> And what is very strange, in the firs iteration all output to the
>> webserver seems lost, only the second one succeds...
>> this is mysterious...
> Incidentally, I see from the FCGI docs that they wrap the stdio
> functions using the C preprocessor.  That's not going to do any good
> for a Lua program that invokes the core Lua stdio bindings somewhere
> else; the preprocessor definitions were never (and often cannot be)
> applied in that context.
> So you'd have to rebind the input and output functions yourself and
> expose them as new functions in the Lua namespace.
> Isn't there a stock FastCGI Lua binding somewhere?

The Lua code does not do any output, it's the C code that does.