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	Hi Steve

I'm not sure what you mean by providing a password to psql.
	I meant you may had provided a password to psql and forgot to
pass it to envv:connect() as its third argument, but this does not seem
to be the case.  Just asking :-)

If I could just get ONE thing to connect, I could exploit the differences and
figure out the variables, but seemingly every single string I put in
envv.connect() comes back with " LuaSQL: Error connecting to database".
	I had the same problem (lack of error information) some time ago and changed the code on env_connect (the C implementation).  Could you check your implementation?  The code I am using is:

static int env_connect (lua_State *L) {
    const char *sourcename = luaL_checkstring(L, 2);
    PGconn *conn;
    getenvironment (L); /* validate environment */
    if ((lua_gettop (L) == 2) && (strchr (sourcename, '=') != NULL))
        conn = PQconnectdb (sourcename);
    else {
        const char *username = luaL_optstring(L, 3, NULL);
        const char *password = luaL_optstring(L, 4, NULL);
        const char *pghost = luaL_optstring(L, 5, NULL);
        const char *pgport = luaL_optstring(L, 6, NULL);

        conn = PQsetdbLogin(pghost, pgport, NULL, NULL,
            sourcename, username, password);

    if (PQstatus(conn) == CONNECTION_BAD)
        return luasql_failmsg(L, "error connecting to database. PostgreSQL: ", PQerrorMessage(conn));
    PQsetNoticeProcessor(conn, notice_processor, NULL);
    return create_connection(L, 1, conn);

I'll tell you one funny thing though, now that you mention it. Work I do in
psql and work I do in pgadmin3 seem to not know about each other. Could that
have something to do with it?
	I don't think so...