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On Sunday 16 January 2011 04:37:26 kevin beckford wrote:
> > Your suggestion reminded me that in the past I'd had trouble getting psql
> > and pgadminIII to agree with each other or work with data each other put
> > in. Until now I'd simply concluded that pgadminIII was buggy --
> It is.  Postgres is a great database, but I find that psql is the best
> way to access it.  I

fatfingered your send keystroke :-)

Tonight pgadminIII served very well as a diagnostic tool, leading me to a 
solution to my "no connect" problem, and helping me understand some of 
Postgres' architecture. And psql has its own problems -- your Linux login 
matters no matter how you authenticate to Postgres going into psql. And psql 
seems to gloss over stuff like port number and some other things that could be 
quite important. I found pgadminIII a good learning tool and diagnostic tool.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. I got the traditional test program to input 
and write back out those three names and email addresses. I almost understand 
Postgres enough to use with Lua now. And I'll be looking over the alternatives 
to LuaSQL.postgres that were enumerated on the list.

If any of you are in Central Florida, I've committed to give a 10 minute 
Lua/Postgres dog and pony show at the next Orlando Postgres meeting.



Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package