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On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 1:12 AM, beo wulf <> wrote:
> Is there any useable (i.e. can be used in production environment --
> has debugging support; rather than a toy/educational implementation)
> of lisp in lua?

The only ones I'm aware of are those listed on the bottom of [1].
Whether these are production grade, I can't say, but I'd suspect it's
not that complicated, though some assembly could be required.

Another option would be to bind a full-scale existing Lisp
implementation to Lua.  I don't see an existing binding on [2] though.

> I really like the lua VM, but I'm really missing lisp macros. (And
> metalua doesn't really cut it for me).

There's good things in Metalua, though I have concerns myself about
Metalua as a production environment solution.  Possibly these are
addressable, though development seems stalled, apart from bug fixes on
the github forks.  For other solutions see [3].  Some have recommended
Luma [4], which claims to be "heavily inspired by Scheme's
define-syntax/syntax-rules system".