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PS. I've published this library in response to the recent thread "Simple syntax coloring code" [3]. I don't think the topic starter is okay with the LPeg dependency but decided to publish LXSH either way.

Impressive response... :) It's that just that installing all these extra batteries is making the Lua learning curve a bit steeper than it might be...  I'll try to work out how to call this code from the markdown.lua script.

I understand the problem and had the same issue myself, getting started with Lua some years back. The easiest way to install LXSH (including the LPeg dependency) is probably through LuaRocks [1]:

luarocks install

Of course this requires you to have LuaRocks installed. If it's not and assuming you're using a Mac (based on your mail address ;-)), you might already have the fink package manager installed, in that case you can use fink to install LuaRocks [2].

Unfortunately I don't have a Mac available for testing so I can't walk you through the process. Good luck in case you give it a try!

 - Peter Odding