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On 13 Jan 2011, at 20:06, Peter Odding wrote:

> Here's some fun distraction from the recent threads about holes in tables and the definition of nil :-)
> I've just published the first release of LXSH, a library of lexers and syntax highlighters for Lua and C source code. The syntax highlighters generate HTML designed to be easily embedded in web pages, support three color schemes out of the box and transform standard library identifiers into documentation hyper links.
> For installation instructions (including a rockspec) and downloads please see the homepage [1] or GitHub project [2]. If you're curious what the generated HTML looks like please see the introductory paragraph on the homepage or GitHub project page for examples.

Thanks. Looks very interesting.

> PS. I've published this library in response to the recent thread "Simple syntax coloring code" [3]. I don't think the topic starter is okay with the LPeg dependency but decided to publish LXSH either way.

Impressive response... :) It's that just that installing all these extra batteries is making the Lua learning curve a bit steeper than it might be...  I'll try to work out how to call this code from the markdown.lua script.