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Try right clicking and choose "Run as Administrator".

Quoting Martin Krpan <>:


I have compiled lua interpreter, copied it to partition where XP is
installed, rebooted in XP and run the compiled lua. It worked fine. Now
I burned folder with lua to cdrom, copied it to my brother's computer
with Vista. When i try to run lua.exe from DOS prompt (or however it is
called now) Vista does not allow me to. It says something like:
Access denied.
If I try to click from explorer on lua.exe popup window barf at me with
something like:
You have not permission ...

Obviously I am missing some basic education about Vista's access control.
Can somebody explain me how to run a program on the Vista that I compile

It must be pretty obvious that I am not very experienced with WINDOWS
OS. I code my programs on Debian, when I need them to run on WINDOWS I
crosscompile them with i586-mingw32msvc-gcc and run them under wine.
After that I copy them on my XP partition. But Vista seems to behave
somewhat different than XP. I do not have Vista myself and never used it
for something other than point a mouse cursors on web browser icon and
click :)