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Hi Frank,

>What could help decide on the >proper interface end associated >semantics, is first to agree what the >abstract data type is that you want >to model/implement.

>As I understand it, Lua does not >really define the array/list/>sequence-like personality of its >table-type in any strict terms, and >much of the confusion is centered >around that ambiguity.

thanks for that angle.

I think the Lua table is supposed to be an all purpose collection in its own right, to serve as any of the types you listed. And that is likely, to reduce implementation complexity and make Lua easier.

I really appreciate that all-purpose proposal. It's implementation is just not currently clean enough, or, not courageously enough given up, where it does'nt hold up and behavior in fact becomes 'what you wanted even if you did'nt ask for it!'

The price if indecision being the necessety to tread over-carefully and having neither a carefree solution nor a complete one, to my mind.

The best remedy should be the simplest possible metaphor. What is a 'table' associated with naively? That should, for Lua, be the question I'd say. What would that be? Thinking with permission? Regarding inserts, holes, nul-values, length --- and performance ...?