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Hi all,

I've made a little function to assign a level depending on how many tabs 
precede the string's non-tab content. This is for the purpose of turning an 
outline into a different kind of information. While trying to find the first 
non-tab, I can find nothing similar to Vim's [^\t], so I (gear up for a kludge 
award) did [^     ] where all that space in there is an actual typed tab. It 
worked, but:

MIC --- KEY ...

I tried %T (figuring %t might stand for tab), but that didn't work. A read of 
the manual revealed to me no way to do it by its ascii value, but I know I 
probably just missed it.

So what do you think -- how do you represent tab or "anything but tab" in a 
Lua pattern?



Steve Litt
Recession Relief Package