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On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 13:46, Peter Hickman
<> wrote:
> How does this differ from Lua Gems?

Scope of articles. Gems are the cutting-edge for more-or-less
experienced readers, recipes in a cookbook are simpler things for new

Also: you want to say that there was a call for articles for Lua Gems
2 that I missed? I do not think so.

> On 4 January 2011 10:26, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
>> 2. What "Cookbook" is? We need an explicit definition. Someone who
>> actually used such things (I never did) please step up, and tell.

> If you've never used a cookbook then why do you think we need one?

Please read the discussion.

> What itch does this scratch for you?

I have an itch to write (technical articles). I'm an amateur writer,
but some people say that my articles are not all garbage. I like
writing about Lua — that is the subject that, I, probably, know best

To scratch my itch I will write about Lua even if Lua Cookbook
initiative will not work (that would be in Russian though).

But I believe that participation in a book should result in a product
of better quality and public benefit than if I wrote some random stuff
all by myself.