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On 2011-01-02, at 4:42 AM, est wrote:

> I tried Renoice in version 1.9. The UI has surely changed now :)
> Does this mean Renoice is targeting to be a code controled dynamic
> sound generator?


Lots of changes have happened since 1.9. :)

Renoise is still a tracker (music sequencer) at heart. This continues to be the focus of the program. To innovate on the tracker paradigm.

Lua scripting allows our user base, many who are technically minded, to extend the program how they see fit. The API is very open. Some have used Lua to build MIDI/OSC hardware drivers (the Duplex, Faderport, and AlphaTrack scripts come to mind), others have used it to build alternative interfaces (stepsequencer, tickyroll, ...), others for algorithmic composition (progressor, randomizer, ...), I built a simple game as an inside joke (Nibbles from Fasttracker), with many more varied examples out there.

To be a code controlled sound generator, we'd have to allow scripts to run in the audio player. We currently don't, for performance reasons. Don't get me wrong. You *can* code Lua that creates samples or manipulates existing samples; just not realtime DSPs. We are, however, waiting for LuaJit to come out of "beta" and declare a "stable" release. When that happens it's likely that DSP scripting will also happen.

Check out "What can be scripted, what can't? What's this scripting all about?" from the docs for a more thorough answer:


Best regards,