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On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 7:21 PM, Mark Hamburg <> wrote:
common "issues". So, for example, if the array API that I outlined
earlier were available on a general basis and likely to be present in
all but the smallest Lua distributions, then when people complain that
#t doesn't work if you have holes, the answer would be: "Use array. It
does work."

Yes, right tool for the job, and less pressure on the core - the Lua
table structure is probably close to optimal by now.

In fact, such an array module would be a good candidate for Penlight,
but not in any exclusive sense - it would remain directly usable on
its own.  One of the criticisms of Penlight is that there's too much
inter-module coupling, which in future I will try to avoid.

steve d.