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Hey all,

I'm starting to realize why there are always a stream of "don't use
automatic bindings" messages every time someone asks what automatic
bindings are decent. There seem to be serious downsides to all of them. :(

I finally dug into several that seemed appropriate for the project I'm
working on, and found serious problems with each one. If anyone is
interested in my findings, I posted them in a blog entry [1].

I also linked to that entry from [2], so that my analysis might be
useful to someone in the future who's trying to make a similar decision.

I think the right answer for a light, general purpose Lua binding would
be close to tolua++ in design, but with a cleaner parser and support for
a few things that tolua++ is missing (like smart pointers, which I
mentioned in another message). Oh, and any kind of support would be nice
as well -- I barely got a response when asking about tolua++ here, and
the contact email on the tolua++ page bounces :(.