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On 29.11.2010 13:03, Gilles Ganault wrote:
> Hello
> 	I seem to have successfully cross-compiled LuaSocket for the
> Blackfin + uClinux distro.
> However, the "lua" interpreter that I previously compiled doesn't
> include support for loading shared libraries:
> =============
> /tmp> ./lua
> Lua 5.1.4  Copyright (C) 1994-2008, PUC-Rio
>> socket = require("socket")
> error loading module 'socket.core' from file
> '/usr/lib/lua/5.1.4/socket/':
>         dynamic libraries not enabled; check your Lua installation
> =============
Look for LUA_DL_DLOPEN set in your luaconf.h.

> 1. It looks like I must first compile libdl into the "lua" interpreter
> (statically? dynamically?), but Google doesn't return a URL where to
> find the source of libdl. Does someone know where I can find it? - you already have it (I hope).
Google for "linux dynamic loader".

> 2. Also, after compiling libdl for the Blackfin/uClinux, I probably
> need to change Lua's Makefile to include the right options, but I'm
> not sure what to add.

make -DLUA_USE_LINUX should be fine. Or, if you don't need readline