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Quoth Drake Wilson <>, on 2010-11-19 19:01:12 -0700:
> Quoth KHMan <>, on 2010-11-20 09:36:14 +0800:
> > Even if two libraries are a teeny bit different, sharing a set of
> > names is no biggie.
> The main reason this fails is recursive dependencies.  If library A
> uses bit manipulation and requires semantics X, and library B uses bit
> manipulation and requires incompatible semantics Y, where do they get
> their bit modules?  If the answer is that they both get them from the
> global named "bit", which can only have one value, using libraries A
> and B in the same project becomes a nightmare for no particular
> reason.

Oh, no, whoops, I misread your message completely; you _were_ talking
about using two different module names.  D'oh!

Never mind.  :-)

   ---> Drake Wilson