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I agree in principally, since the reason for an additonal prefix is
usual to solve naming conflicts - and if lua coure and lauxlib.h
should have a naming conflict, i.e. two functions whos name differ in
nothing else than the L, the confusion would be complete eitherway.

On the other hand, one could argue, its a massive change with little
improvement effect. Or you could already provide a set of compability
macro's to rename all lauxlib.h functions without L for yourself.

BTW: My biggest wish would be 'continue'. I don't mind if it would
require some preamble at the beginning of the file, that alters lua in
a way from the default. Like currently setmetatable(_G, {__newindex =
function() error("nope!") end}, __index = function() error("nope!")
end}) alters Lua in a way, it fails on implicit globals. Its just all
workarounds that are in explained in the wiki I consider horrible.
Anything that allows me to write "continue;" and makes that what one
wants it to do, without additional indentation of an else for the rest
of loop, or more horrible ideas liek using error() as breaker or so.

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 10:23 AM, Fabien <> wrote:
> Hi, let's start suggestions for Lua 5.3 :)
> the functions provided by lauxlib.h generally have quite generic purposes,
> yet have a luaL_* prefix instead of lua_*. I realize it might have made
> sense when lauxlib was a fresh addition, but from a usability point of view,
> I don't see what I get in exchange of having to remember which function
> starts with luaL vs. which one starts with just lua.
> Are there reasons to keep this that way, apart from backward compatibility
> concerns which could be addressed through a set of macros?