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On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 9:49 PM, Ted Unangst <> wrote:
> ilua is nice, but basically just a repl.  ipython is like bash/ksh/...
> but with python.  or powershell if you prefer.

Ah, now that makes sense - my feeling is that Lua would make an
excellent shell scripting language, but a poor interactive shell (bash
is the other way around ;)) so these may be orthogonal requirements.
(but I would be happy to be shown to be wrong.)

As for Lua as a shell scripting language, there was a thread about
that recently:

Also, for Windows, see Grunt:

There's also luash

(I had an internal project of the same name, was an example with the
Penlight distribution. Although nicely cross-platform (and anything is
better than cmd.exe) and fully extendable with Lua, I regard it as an

steve d.