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On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 7:54 AM, kevin beckford <> wrote:
> Is there a lua equivalent to the ipython shell?  Not REPL, but a way I
> could say

There's ILua:

$> ilua
ILUA: Lua 5.1
>> 20+10
>> t = {one=1;10,20,30}
>> t
{ 10, 20, 30, one = 1 }

It attempts to compile input as an expression first, so no need for
explicit '=', and knows how to print tables nicely - and provides a
lot of control over printing big tables generally.

What would be cool is intelligent tab-completion. There is a binding
to readline based on a patch by Patrick Rapin which allows this, I'll
release it when the runway is clear ;)  However, I don't know how to
implement equivalent functionality for a Win32 shell.

(Thanks to Chris Hixon for keeping this project alive!)

steve d.