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Dear Joseph,

  This looks interesting, and it's good to see yet one more use of Lua!

  However, two things:

  -- Does SLangTNG have a web-site?  Your announcement did not include
     a link.

Yes, I forgot it (its Friday!) and resent the announcement with link:

  -- Perhaps the choice of the name 'SLangTNG' might cause confusion
     with the existing 'S-Lang' language ( ),
     which is both long-established ( since 1992 ) and reasonably

I am aware of this problem. But a change of the name is out of scope due to similar historical reasons: SLang - the structural language - has been developed since the same time (1991?, 92?, 94?) by a small community of researchers at University of Innsbruck, Austria, and Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany, as a tool which combines scripting, C and Fortran to solve scientific and engineering tasks. The software has been also used by commercial projects and has been integrated into proprietary engineering software (I do not want to name them). SLangTNG is a software package which tries to offer the same functionality as SLang, but replaces the old (and badly designed) ANSI C kernel by modern C++ techniques.

As you can see, a change of name is out of scope. Furthermore, I am just 1 member of the development and user team...