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On 2010-Nov-12 (Fri) at 17:51 (+0100), Sebastian Wolff wrote:

> I want to use this mailing list to announce the software project  
> SLangTNG which uses the Lua interpreter as its main component.

Dear Sebastian,

   This looks interesting, and it's good to see yet one more use of Lua!

   However, two things:

   -- Does SLangTNG have a web-site?  Your announcement did not include
      a link.

   -- Perhaps the choice of the name 'SLangTNG' might cause confusion
      with the existing 'S-Lang' language ( ),
      which is both long-established ( since 1992 ) and reasonably
      widely-used ( forming the basis of many well-known tools, such as
         mutt : an e-mail client
         nano : a text editor
         lynx : a text-based web browser
         mc   : Midnight Commander file manager )
     Might you consider a different name?  As well as the clash with
     the name 'S-Lang', to my eye there's nothing in particular about
     the name 'SLangTNG' which would suggest its actual purpose as a
     scientific/mathematical/engineering tool.

Best Wishes, Joseph

Joseph Manning / Computer Science / UCC Cork Ireland /