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Quoth, on 2010-11-10 20:53:53 +0100:
> I'm just a debian-guy, so this might be nonsense for other flavours, but
> is libreadline itself not linked to its appropriate dependencies, so
> that -lreadline should be enough to bring in any other required
> libraries automatically?

I believe this is correct for most or all of the libre Unixoids,
including {Open,Net,Free}BSD and most GNU/Linux.  ELF dynamic
libraries load whatever they need recursively.

The main difficulty would be with static systems, I think, and
possibly static builds.  I also can't speak for any of the other
proprietary Unixoids, but rumor has it that AIX and HP/UX have been
the bane of build process portability engineers, and that Solaris is
sort of in between.  An obvious simple case would be to just not use
readline on those platforms, which appears to be what you're doing in
5.2.0-work3 anyway.

   ---> Drake Wilson