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Not only had I misunderstood the workings of _ENV but I realize
now that for some years I had also misunderstood the scope of
Shook's patch. I realize now that the patch applies not only
to local statements but also to general assignments. I had presumed
it for local statements alone, which is the only place that I have
use for it. By restricting the patch just to the function
'localstat' in lparser.c, whose code has not changed for some
while - certainly not between 5.2(w2) and 5.2(w5) -
I have managed to get the more restricted syntax that I want,

      local <varlist> in <table_expression>
Thank you, Juris Kalnins, for sending me the patched lparser.c
for 5.2(w2) last February.

Gavin Wraith (
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