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On 11/6/2010 11:29 AM, wrote:
Joseph Stewart wrote:
but what can't you do with 32-bit values that you need to do?

I wrote:
Strong encryption ?
In block cyphers, you need lots of XOR ops, and block sizes of
32 bits are inherently vulnerable but 64 bits are very tough...

Rob Kendrick wrote:
It's difficult to see how simply doubling the number of bits
you process at once removes an inherent vulnerability.


The algorithms we use down here at the consumer-level are still
64-bit-block-size, see e.g.:

Surely you don't think the rest of us are that foolish?

We have been doing DES in 32-bit processors for decades and nobody talks about 2^32 complexity... The data unit used in an implementation is not the same as the block size. Why do you equate the two, when the rest of us clearly did not?

(Of course, if you can get hold of the physical part, all sorts of attacks are possible. Blah blah... and so on... and so on.)

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia