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Joseph Stewart wrote:
> but what can't you do with 32-bit values that you need to do?

I wrote:
> Strong encryption ?
> In block cyphers, you need lots of XOR ops, and block sizes of
> 32 bits are inherently vulnerable but 64 bits are very tough...

Rob Kendrick wrote:
> It's difficult to see how simply doubling the number of bits
> you process at once removes an inherent vulnerability.


  DES and the generation of ciphers that followed it all used a 64-bit
  block size. To completely break a single key, an attacker would need
  a code book with 2^64 entries. Even to weaken it significantly takes
  a code book with 2^32 entries with the same key, 32 gigabytes of data.
  With any sensible re-keying policy, a code book attack is not a threat.
  More recent ciphers such as AES use a 128-bit block size,
  which makes code book attacks utterly impractical.

The algorithms we use down here at the consumer-level are still
64-bit-block-size, see e.g.:

Michal Kottman wrote:
> encryption in pure Lua - of course you CAN do it, but IMHO it is better
> to "leave it to the experts" and use existing cryptography libraries,
> like OpenSSL (which even come with cryptography hardware support).
> ... luacrypto ( - my fork ...)

Cryptography is fun...

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