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Well, I said in another thread that I would give Lake a try if I found some spare time, but I didn't really resist... :-)

I downloaded the zip named
and played just a bit with it.

Really, It looks *awesome*! And it also provides access to all Lua functionalities! I really hope it gets out of the beta phase soon!

The only drawback for me now is the documentation:

1. it seems to me that the docs are a bit biased toward expert C/C++ programmers with deep knowledge of "makefiles", since it is a collection of examples (in the "traditional" excellent style of Steve, of course :-) which seem to appeal to people doing all sort of things with makefiles (I may be wrong - I'm not an expert of makefiles and I still struggle with them).

2. there is no sort of "reference manual", listing all the facilities provided by Lake and the assumptions it makes, the globals it defines, etc. (I REALLY have no time to delve into the code to discover them! ;-) and ... yes, I'm the kind of guy who goes for the reference manual even before having seen a single line of code running :-) (I need the 'big picture' in my head before I can get to work effectively - learning by examples really doesn't suit my mindset - but I know it's me! :-)

Of course I aknowledge that all this may depend on the project being so young, therefore I'm looking forward to see further improvements!

I have a dream: one day we will ditch both 'make' and 'ant' in one blow :-) I hope 'Lake' could make that day closer! :-))

Keep up the good work! :-)

Best Regards

-- Lorenzo