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Hi list!

Recently I had some problems with different C-libraries for Lua because my (self-compiled) Lua is linked against msvcrt.dll whereas some of the libraries (downloaded in binary form) were linked against msvcp*.dll (MS vc++ runtimes various stuff).

I read on the wiki about this problem and so I had to recompile the libraries for my system using only msvcrt.dll. And I also remember something in the list about MS moves to force developers to use their tools so the different dlls from MSVC etc.)

Now my question is, assuming that no C++ facility is needed, that is I compile only pure C code, is it safe to always generate code that links to msvcrt.dll alone, or there could be C programs that could require the newer (C++) dlls and fail (perhaps at runtime in unexpected ways?) if linked against msvcrt.dll alone?

Please excuse me in advance if the question may be silly or already explained in the wiki (maybe I didn't get it), but I'm no system programmer and perhaps I missed something in the explanation.