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Xctrl is a Lua module that allows you to query and manipulate various aspects
of an X11 window manager and the windows it manages. Based largely on code
from Tomas Styblo's "wmctrl" command-line tool, with some additional features.

What it can do:
  * Return a list of all top-level windows.
  * Retrieve window information such as title, class name, and geometry.
  * Set the title of a window.
  * Move and resize windows.
  * Move windows from one virtual desktop to another.
  * Set various window properties, e.g. "minimized", "sticky", "topmost".
  * Raise a window and give it the focus.
  * Politely request the closing of a window.
  * Send "fake" keyboard events to a window.
  * Set and get the X selections and clipboard.

Get it from:


 - Jeff