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I will let answer the people that better know the Lua GC but I guess
that Lua should work fine with the Boehm GC because, finally, Lua is
nothing else that standard C code that allocates and frees memory as
needed. The only delicate point is if Lua store pointers in a
non-standard way that can trick the Boehm GC but I guess that Lua does
nothing fancy about that.

Otherwise it seems to me that having two GC with completely different
paradigms live together in the same applications is a suboptimal
solutions even if it can works. Unfortunately this is the problem of
the languages/frameworks that carry their own GC: each GC is virtually
incompatible with every others :-)

This is why Lua can live happily with C or C++ since these doesn't
have any GC but if you want to mix Lua with OCaml or Lisp or whatever
language with a GC you are going to have troubles. This is the big
limitations of language that came with a GC.

Best regards,