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Hi all!

I'm planning to produce a simple freeware (not open source - for various reasons) based on Lua and I need some help to interpret the license correctly (I'm not going to make any money out of it and I cannot afford any legal expertise) in order to give due credit to Lua team.

The software should comprise a slightly modified Lua interpreter (lua.exe + lua51.dll) with some (bytecode-compiled) libraries and scripts containing the 'business logic' of the software. The user will be using that modified interpreter to interact with the software.

Is it sufficient to add (maybe somewhere in the file with my freeware license) the following notice?

"This software is based on Lua language and interpreter.
Lua is Copyright (C) 1994-2008, PUC-Rio.
See for more information about Lua."

Or must I include the whole 'COPYRIGHT' file found in Lua's source distribution? The problem with this latter approach for me would be that it would seem that the whole software is under MIT software (as far as I'm understanding English 'legalese').

Any help or pointer would be appreciated!

-- Lorenzo