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Are there any checks to prevent a user from setting values for *unused* variables? If arbitrary values assigned to arbitrary variables are persisted then that could be used to conduct a denial of service attack by assigning long strings to different variables over multiple requests. Maybe _vars should *not* be persisted across HTTP requests in order to clean those up and prevent application exploits.


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On Aug 5, 2010 11:42 AM, "Francisco Sant&apos;anna" <> wrote:

Hello list,

Following the release of LuaGravity, I have just released Reactive Server Pages.

Reactive Server Pages (RSP) bring some concepts of reactive languages to the realm of server-side web development.
RSP rearrange the way web applications are developed.
A web application conceptually becomes a single file that executes from its first to its last line.
The programmer can use structured programming with loops and recursive calls.
RSP are based on LuaGravity, which extends the Lua language with reactive data and control primitives.

Any feedback is welcome.


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Francisco Sant'Anna