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On 18.6.2010, at 4.06, Peter Harris wrote:

> I disabled the check for SSE2 on my SSE machine (Pentium-3), and
> LuaJIT seemed to run fine in my (extremely limited) test. Depending on
> just how old Petri's "older AMD setup" is, it may have SSE.

Yes, I've got SSE. That's very interesting. I'll give it a try!

> Does LuaJIT use much SSE2 that isn't in SSE? I seem to recall SSE2
> added mostly integer operations, and a few cache prefetch type
> instructions, but not so much in the way of floating point
> instructions.

If SSE2 is used only minimally maybe it would still be worthwhile to add support for non-SSE2 but SSE capable platforms?
Even if this would increase the number of potential users just a tiny bit. I could try to do the patch myself but only if the required changes are small. I don't know the source code at all so any pointers on how to start would be appreciated.