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We are proud to announce the next release�of�Lua�for�Windows�(LfW). A major addition is LuaRocks. Please consider this an experimental feature, but please give feedback so that it can be improved.�Read the changelog�for�more information. Enjoy.

We are completely moving to GoogleCode�for�all future developments.



Lua�for�Windows is a 'batteries included environment'�for�the�Lua�scripting language on�Windows.

Lua�for�Windows�combines�Lua�binaries,�Lua�libraries with a�Lua-capable editor in a single install package�for�the Microsoft�Windows�operating system.�Lua�for�Windows�contains everything you need to write, run and debug�Lua�scripts on�Windows.�A wide variety of libraries and examples are included that are ready to use with Microsoft�Windows.�Lua�for�Windows�runs on�Windows�2000 and newer versions of�Windows.�Lua�and its associated libraries are also available�for�other operating systems, so most scripts will be automatically cross-platform.


06/17/2010 �Version 5.1.4-39
+ Added LuaRocks version 2.0.2.
^ Fixed #13 - Updated wxLua to version 2.8.10.
^ Updated stdlib to release 15.
^ Updated stdlib to release 14.
^ Updated stdlib to release 13.

05/18/2010 �Version 5.1.4-38
* Fixed #10 - LuaDoc incomplete. Added luadoc_start.bat.
* Fixed #09 - luanet kill lua.exe
^ Updated the SciTE .api file. Now includes lfs, bit and pack.