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It was thus said that the Great once stated:
> I'm having a serious brain fart here.. I start off with a string that  
> holds a file path, something like aFilePath =  
> "c:\\a\\b\\c\\d\\filename.blah.. As I pass it around in Lua, it  
> removes the \ and becomes C:\a\b\c.. and so on.. Now I save the  
> filepath to a file, it gets saved as C:\a\b\c\d etc.. without the  
> added \\... now when i try to load up the file, I loose all \'s,  
> obviously because it think's these are escape sequences now... I  
> shouldn't have to replace these all the time with \\ ... how can I  
> keep the file path intact between saves and loads etc?

  Little known, but Windows does support '/' as a path separator in addition
to '\'.  To windows,




are the same.  This doesn't apply to the shell (CMD.EXE these days, CMD.COM
back in the MS-DOS days) but the underlying APIs will accept either '/' or
'\'.  This has been the case since MS-DOS 2.0.

  -spc (So I would try it with forward '/' slashes and see if that works)