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On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 6:58 PM, HyperHacker <> wrote:
> Apple is still being uppity about interpreted code. Last I checked
> you'd need to actually ask their permission to do anything like that,
> and I can't see them approving an app that lets the users run their
> own code without paying for the developer program.

This has been debated back and forth.  Apple's ambiguity on the matter
continues to be a great way to waste lots of time and effort
discussing what could be and what should be.  I'm a little more
pragmatic, and focus more on what is.  And the fact is that there are
Lua-based applications right now being sold by Apple, and even
promoted on stage by Steve Jobs is all I need to know.  If I have to
"ask permission" then I'll gladly do so in order to gain access to
that market, then I have no problem doing that.  Sorry to be driven by
filthy lucre, but the cat food isn't buying itself.

> Might I suggest Android instead? *ducks*

You can certainly suggest it.  And once I have some Android hardware
and see the kind of infrastructure and marketplace that Apple has
built available for Android, I'll be more than happy to target those
devices.  Indeed, Corona can also target Android, and that's a strong
motivator for me to consider developing in Lua for Corona.  But if I
can't get access to Apple's APIs with Corona for iWhatever platforms,
I can't see getting access to Android's native APIs either.

So before this conversation completely derails into a discussion about
the merits of Android verses Apple's platforms, how about we return to
the central question I had-- which is how to get access to the
platform's APIs from Corona.  Thanks.