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I'm writing a file uploading Lua script but can't find the uploaded data when POSTing in multipart/form-data.

If I post the data with content type 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded', I will find post data in request.POST.post_data. When I post in multipart/form-data, the data is not included in request.POST.post_data. The test pattern is done by curl in the form:

curl -X POST -H "Expect:" -F "fileinput=@datafile;type=multipart/form-data" http://ipaddress/upload.lua

Where 'fileinput' will be the field name of the form. I found the request.POST.fileinput['name'] will be the name of the file('datafile') but cannot find where the payload is.

Please advise if somebody has the experience. Thanks.