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>   * Who would be a good person to speak with about developments in the
>   Ginga deployment?

I have forwarded your message to Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares.

>  * What are other LUA-based interactive TV middleware layers and who
>  might I speak with about them?

There is this old new:

* FORBES: Vudu opens its set-top box to outside software and video.
  [...] The new developer tools are based on Lua, the popular open
  source programming language used in videogames such as "World of

Not exactly about STB, but just in case...

  Active-TV Technology now offers an internet TV UI based on the Lua
  language and run-time support routines from CoreCodec.

> I hope to be able to give LUA the place it deserves in the coverage of
> the STB API market.

That would be great ;)

-- Roberto