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On 7 June 2010 02:53, Javier Guerra Giraldez <> wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 8:13 PM, T T <> wrote:
>> Which makes me wonder why #t is not specified in such a way to be
>> usefull for tables with holes too.
> can you suggest such a definition that also:
> - is useful for tables without holes
> - is quick to compute
> - has none or minimal memory requirements.
> - has none or minimal overhead on field assignment

The one given in the starting message of this thread seems to be the
most suitable from the "usefulness" POV:

"The length of a table t is defined to be the least non-negative
integer n such that t[n+1] is nil and t[m] is non-nil for any
positive integer m less than n+1."?

In other words #t would return size of the array part that is without holes.

Dunno, if this can be implemented to satisfy all of the above
requirements.  Perhaps others can comment on that.