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On Sun, May 2, 2010 at 7:32 PM, Deejai <> wrote:
> Sorry if this forum isn't a fitting place to post this, but I figured I'd
> give it a shot.

It isn't really, but I can point you towards a few forums that are a
bit more appropriate.  The first is the forums section for a book I
wrote on this very topic [1].  Additionally you could post at the
World of Warcraft official UI forum [2], or the WoWInterface forums

> Hi I'm trying to make a WoW addon that bids on an auction when the user
> holds shift and right clicks on the auction. I'm extremely new to Lua and at
> this point I'm just lost.
> Here's what I've got:
> OneClickBid.toc
> BrowseButton.lua
> OneClickBid.lua
> At this point it's not even starting up. I ran it in debug and it had an
> error saying "Build Failed - Object reference not set to an instance of an
> object."

I'm not really sure what you mean you 'ran it in debug'.  Addons are
meant to be run in World of Warcraft and there is no such 'debug' mode
in the game.

The main thing I would say is that nowhere are you creating
BrowseBidButton, but in BrowseButton.lua you're trying to access it.
If you run the addon in WoW, it'll likely give you a nil reference
error when trying to index that global variable.


> Again, I don't know what I'm doing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

No worries.  You may also find help on #wowuidev on,
there are a number of knowledgeable people that may be able to help
resolve your issue.

Jim Whitehead
World of Warcraft Programming: A Guide and Reference for Creating WoW Addons