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On 14/04/10 11:16 , Vaughan McAlley wrote:
> Personally I’d rather learn my country’s entire tax law than Objective-C :-)

I don't know if this has been mentioned in this thread before, but there
is Objective-C++.
This means you can freely mix C++ and Obj-C. In my case, as I share your
feelings about Obj-C, I just write the bare minimum glue code in Obj-C,
the rest is all ANSI C++. This also means I will be able to port my app
to Android rather easily and still won't violate Apple's new
preposterous smallprint for iPhone devs.

As for Lua: I'd love to use Lua for my game logic instead. I just did't
have the time to look into that yet.
I gave Corona a good spin for one weekend but I find its graphics API
both insufficient and /very/ ugly (I always hated Flash's ActionScript
APIs and Corona seems influenced by them).

I use Cocos2D and I've been pondering about making an OSS Lua binding
for that.
If the Anscamobile guys are right and embedding byte-code compiled Lua +
Lua VM into an app is not frowned upon by Apple, this would be something
I'd be keen to look into.

But I guess I'd rather wait a bit and see what happens with Corona apps
after this "change" of dev iPhone policy before committing any time to it.