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Robert G. Jakabosky wrote:
On Friday 19, Ralph Hempel wrote:
Simplest thing that could possibly work - but it broke. And I ended
up doing a ton of research on setjmp() and friends and finally concluded
that the heap was exhausted and I needed emergency garbage collection.

There is a Emergency GC patch for Lua 5.1.4:

It is even being used by eLua 0.7 release.

I'm aware of that project, and the patch for 5.1.4 - I just got so
excited that there was a 5.2 to try with everything built in that
I could not resist.

The Emergency patch has been around for a year or so, right. I really
should have picked it up sooner to try out, but that extra load user
case did not come up until a few weeks ago, so I had no real need
to use it then.

Now that we have 5.2 to try - I say move forward!