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Leo Razoumov < <at>> writes:
> Isaac,
> I appreciate very much your efforts in getting shootout page together.
> As a first time user of your resource I can assure you that I have not
> been aware what platforms besides x64 quad-core were part of your
> benchmark. A typical first-time-user such as myself  clicks on the
> "compare performance" link and gets a self-contained page with results
> for a subset of languages on a single platform. There is no clear
> indication of what else to expect. After pocking around for
> half-an-hour I finally found what I was looking for, mostly because I
> knew from earlier postings to this list what I was after.
> I am afraid that many first-time-users would not display such a
> patience and would leave your resource after just skimming its
> surface. I admire your effort but the web-interface is not designed
> for an "uninitiated".
> BTW, I love your box-plots, quantiles and ranking by the median. It is
> substantially more accurate statistics than typical mean-value
> comparisons in other benchmarks.


"A typical first-time-user" never goes to the home page at all. 

"A typical first-time-user" goes straight to the luajit.php page because they
clicked on a URL in a blog posting or a tweet or ... and then they leave.

I'm  well aware that many of those who do go to the home page click the "Compare
performance" link, and that they also do find the "C++" or "Java" or "Lua" links
on the home page.

best wishes, Isaac