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I think I figured it out.

It only happens when I configure "self-contained luarocks
installation" in accordance with the documentation

export LUA_DIR=$HOME/mylua/
./configure --prefix=$LUA_DIR --sysconfdir=$LUA_DIR/luarocks
--force-config --with-lua=$LUA_DIR

Removing --sysconfdir=$PREFIX/luarocks resolved the issue.

On 2010-03-12, Leo Razoumov <> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
>  I am getting a weird problem with luarocks-2.0.1 on Linux (x86).
>  Here are the steps to reproduce it
>  (1) Download "shake" rock from
>  (2) install it with
>  sh$ luarocks build shake-1.0.1-1.src.rock
>  (3) observe that the entire source tree including Makefile, README,
>  config, test, etc got installed under
>  <path_to_Lua>/lib/luarocks/rocks/shake/1.0.1-1
>  BTW, under luarocks-1.0.1 only relevant files got installed into
>  lib/luarocks/rocks/
>  The same problem happens when I call "luarocks make foo.rockspec" in
>  my own project space. The entire directory that contains foo.rockspec
>  complete with ".git" repository gets installed under
>  lib/luarocks/rocks/ tree.
>  Is there a way to limit what files get installed from the "src" rock?
>  Any help is greatly appreciated.
> --Leo--