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We are proud to announce the next release of Lua for Windows (LfW). Read the changelog for more information. Enjoy.



Lua for Windows is a 'batteries included environment' for the Lua scripting language on Windows.

Lua for Windows combines Lua binaries, Lua libraries with a Lua-capable editor in a single install package for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Lua for Windows contains everything you need to write, run and debug Lua scripts on Windows. A wide variety of libraries and examples are included that are ready to use with Microsoft WindowsLua for Windows runs on Windows 2000 and newer versions of WindowsLua and its associated libraries are also available for other operating systems, so most scripts will be automatically cross-platform.


03/12/2010  Version 5.1.4-32
+ Added LuaRS232 v1.0.0
+ Added iLua.cmd to easily launch iLua. Also added it to the start menu.
* Fixed SciTE to properly run interactive Lua session.
^ Updated the clidebugger to take the same paramaters to allow for debug level.
^ Updated Penlight to version 0.8.0.
^ Updated IUP to version 3.0.0.
^ Updated CD to version 5.3.0.
^ Updated IM to version 3.6.0.

12/07/2009  Version 5.1.4-31
+ Added markdown v0.32 Lua module.
* Fixed Issue 4: C Run-Time Error R6034.
* Fixed LuaInterface manifest loading issue.
^ Updated luanet.dll to CoInitialize and search in the LUA_CPATH.